I discovered the Second Journey in the process of building my company. Everyone told me the key to making our start-up a success was to work hard and be prepared to do whatever was necessary. By the time I stepped down as CEO after eleven years, the business was a multi-million-pound global business that had redefined the way our industry used technology. We created a unique marketplace for books and were making a healthy profit. Richard Branson hailed me as “a true disruptor” and I was invited to speak at prestigious venues including the EU Parliament about my entrepreneurial experiences. The success we had been striving for had been attained but, in retrospect, it wasn’t hard work that had delivered it. Well, not hard work alone.

I had never run a business before, but the evolving leadership skills I gained on the Second Journey were what enabled the business to make the transition from being a promising start-up to a serious company. One that navigated the huge economic uncertainty of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic successfully. The decision to spend as much time working on myself as I did running the company is what gave me those leadership skills and enabled me to keep ahead of the increasing demands it placed on me. From those experiences I created the twelve-week Second Journey methodology.

You are the driver of your own unique experience, so for the course to be effective we need to leave space within my process to give you time to reflect on what comes up. This is why the focus of the sessions switches from the plan and methodologies I have created one week, to your reactions to those sessions the next.

Week One: Fear is a compass. 
Week Two: Check in and focus on how the first session landed, to discuss questions that may have come up and how to act on insights that have emerged.
Week Three: Health. External Validation vs Internal Validation. 
Week Four: Check in and focus.
Week Five: Living in Flow. 
Week Six: Check in and focus.
Week Seven: Boundaries and edges. 
Week Eight: Check in and focus.
Week Nine: What’s your why?
Week Ten: Check in and focus.
Week Eleven: The new compass to direct the rest of your life.
Week Twelve: Conclusions. Areas for growth. Further questions and feedback.

Fees: £3,000 for twelve fortnightly one-on-one sessions (£1,500 paid on signing up and £1,500 before the seventh session).

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